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Delfi-n3Xt [Technical University of Delft]

The Delfi-n3Xt (or Delfi-Next) mission is second in a development line of nanosatellites called the Delfi Program and is successor to the successful Delfi-C3 mission.

For Delfi-Next, the two payloads onboard are a micro-propulsion system developed by TNO in cooperation with TU Delft and University of Twente called T3PS and an in-orbit configurable, high-efficient transceiver platform developed by ISIS BV, in cooperation with TU Delft and SystematIC BV called ITRX.

Delfi-Next will carry out an onboard experiment on hydrogenated amorphous silicon solar cells from the micro-electronics institute DIMES from the TU Delft.

Additionally, an experimental very low frequency receiver might be tested as precursor for the OLFAR program.

Nation: Netherlands
Type / Application: Technology
Operator: Technical University of Delft
Contractors: Technical University of Delft; Pumpkin, Inc. (bus)
Configuration: CubeSat (3U)
Propulsion: T3PS
Power: 4 deployable fixed solar arrays, batteries
Mass: 3 kg
Orbit: 593 km × 780 km, 97.79
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Delfi-n3Xt 2013-066N 21.11.2013 Do LC-370/13 Dnepr with DubaiSat 2, STSAT 3, SkySat 1, WNISAT 1, BRITE-PL, AprizeSat 7, AprizeSat 8, UniSat 5, Dove 3, Dove 4, Triton 1, CINEMA 2, CINEMA 3, OPTOS, CubeBug 2, GOMX 1, NEE 02 Krysaor, FUNcube 1, HiNCube, ZACUBE 1, ICube 1, HumSat-D, PUCP-SAT 1, First-MOVE, UWE 3, VELOX P2, Pocket-PUCP, BeakerSat 1, QubeScout S1, $50SAT, Wren, BPA 3


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