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CAS 7A, 7B (BP 1A, 1B)


CAS 7 (Chinese Amateur Radio satellite 7) or BP 1 are two Chinese nanosatellites for amateur radio communication and education.

The Chinese Amateur Satellite Group (CAMSAT) is working the project with the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). The university provides support for the launch of the satellite, with teachers and students from this university participating in the development and testing of the satellite. With the help of CAMSAT, the university has established an amateur radio club for gaining experience with amateur radio satellite communication.

The satellites are based on an 1.5U CubeSat structure, but modified with a larger base plate. It will deploy an inflatable balloon, which stays attached to the satellite to provide passive aerodynamic stabilizazion.

The first of the two satellites to be launched is CAS 7B or BP 1B, which flew on the new, privately developped Hyperbola-1(1) launch vehicle. Because of the orbital apogee and the size and mass of the satellite, the orbital life of the satellite is expected to be only one week, up to a maximum of one month, which will also provide with an opportunity for hams to track and monitor satellite entering the atmosphere.

The second satellite, CAS 7A or BP 1A, was to fly later in 2019 as a back-up for the first one, but the launch has not taken place so far.

Nation: China
Type / Application: Education, amateur radio communication, technology
Operator: CAMSAT, BIT
Contractors: CAMSAT, BIT
Configuration: CubeSat (1.5U) (modified)
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Lifetime: few days to 1 month
Mass: 3 kg
Orbit: 280 km × 299 km, 42.7 (#7B)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
CAS 7A (BP 1A) - 202x with ?
CAS 7B (BP 1B, BO 102, BIT Progress-OSCAR 102) 2019-043A 25.07.2019 Jq Hyperbola-1(1) with Hangtian KKG Fazhang sat, (Hyperbola Stage 4 payloads 1)

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