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Blue Moon

Blue Moon [Blue Origin]

Blue Moon is a planned uncrewed large lunar lander designed by Blue Origin to land a large payload on the surface of the moon.

Blue Origin announced Blue Moon, its large lunar lander capable of delivering multiple metric tons of payload to the lunar surface based on configuration and mission. The cargo variant can carry 3.6 tons to the surface.

The Blue Moon lander is to be powered by the BE-7 engine, a new addition to Blue Originís family of engines. The BE-7ís 40 kN thrust is designed for large lunar payload transport. The engineís propellants are a highly-efficient combination of liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen. The BE-7 will have its first hotfire in summer 2019. The engine will also be available for sale to other companies for use in in-space and lander applications.

A future variant of the lander that can stretch to be capable of carrying a 6.5 ton, human-rated ascent stage and is claimed to be available to put Americans on the Moon by 2024 as announced by the US government in 2019.

Nation: USA
Type / Application: Lunar lander
Operator: Blue Origin
Contractors: Blue Origin
Propulsion: BE-7
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Blue Moon 1 - 2024 CC SLC-36 New Glenn

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