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BeEagleSat (QB50 TR01)

BeEagleSat [ITÜ]

BeEagleSat is a 2U CubeSat to be launched within the EU FP7 project QB 50. It is being produced by Istanbul Technical University and Turkish Air Force Academy. Sabanci University provided a CdZnTe based semiconductor X-ray detector and associated readout electronics.

The X-ray detector utilizes cross strip geometry to test the detection system in space, but it does not carry a mask for imaging. The readout was be established by an application specific integrated circuit controlled by a microcontroller. The system had its own battery and was turned on intermittently due to power and telemetry constraints. It characterizes the hard X-ray background in 20-150 keV at low Earth orbit conditions as a function of altitude.

As a payload for QB50, the satellite carries a multineedle Langmuir probe (mNLP) sampling the electron density of the space around it.

The satellite was launched with the bulk of the QB50 constellation to the ISS in 2017, from where the satellite was deployed on 26 May 2017.

Nation: Türkiye (Turkey)
Type / Application: Technology, atmospheric science
Operator: Istanbul Technical University, Turkish Air Force Academy
Contractors: Istanbul Technical University, Turkish Air Force Academy
Equipment: mNLP, X-ray detector
Configuration: CubeSat (2U)
Propulsion: None
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Lifetime: 3 months
Mass: 2 kg
Orbit: 395 km × 411 km, 51.63°
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
BeEagleSat (QB50 TR01) 1998-067MR 18.04.2017 CC SLC-41 Atlas-5(401) with Cygnus CRS-7, ALTAIR 1, SUSat, UNSW-EC0, i-INSPIRE 2, ZA-AeroSat, nSIGHT 1, Ex-Alta 1, LilacSat 1, NJUST 1, Aoxiang 1, SOMP 2, QBITO, Aalto 2, X-CubeSat, SpaceCube, DUTHSat, UPSat, Hoopoe, LINK, SNUSAT 1, SNUSAT 1b, qbee50-LTU-OC, HAVELSAT, Phoenix, PolyITAN-2-SAU, QBUS 1, QBUS 2, QBUS 4, IceCube, CSUNSat 1, CXBN 2, KySat 3, SHARC, Lemur-2 30, ..., 33

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