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AzaadiSAT 1, 2

AzaadiSAT [Space Kidz India]

AzaadiSAT is a nanosat project conducted by Space Kidz India.

The purpose of the 8 kg spacecraft is:

  • To create awareness about Amateur Radio and Nano Satellites among School and College Students. 700 students from different parts of India are participating in designing, building, and signal reception of this mission./li>
  • To successfully transmit health telemetry and beacons for radio amateurs around the world.
  • To Serve Digital Packet Store and Forward System.
  • To take low-resolution images using an onboard camera and transmit it over SSTV. Also will transmit Radiation Sensor and IMU data as part of the telemetry for amateur and educational purposes.

The satellite was launched as a secondary payload on the maiden SSLV flight but failed to reach orbit.

A reflight under the name AzaadiSAT 2 was flown on the second SSLV flight. It aims to demonstrate LoRa and Amateur Radio communication capabilities, measure radiation levels in space, and demonstrate expandable satellite structure, etc. About 750 girls students were guided to develop the payloads. The student team of Space Kidz India integrated these payloads.

Nation: India
Type / Application: Education, technology
Operator: Space Kidz India
Contractors: Space Kidz India
Propulsion: None
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Mass: 8 kg (#1); 9 kg (#2)
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
AzaadiSAT 2022-F04 07.08.2022 Sr FLP F SSLV with Microsat 2A
AzaadiSAT 2 2023-019B 10.02.2023 Sr FLP SSLV with Microsat 2B (EOS 07), Janus 1


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