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Astra 1K

Astra 1K [Alcatel]

Astra 1K was a geostationary communications satellite owned by SES to provide distribution of direct-to-home broadcast services across Europe.

Based on the Spacebus-3000B3S (Spacebus-4000 with avionics of the Spacebus-3000) platform, Astra 1K is equipped with 52 Ku-band and 2 Ka-band transponders, and will be positioned at 19.2 East. It sets a number of records for a civil communications satellite: 5250 kilograms at liftoff; 13 kW end-of-life power; total span 37 meters; height 6.6 meters; 10 different antenna reflectors. In short, Astra 1K is a powerful, versatile and highly reliable spacecraft, featuring highly accurate pointing and a long lifespan.

Astra 1K incorporates a number of innovative onboard technologies:

  • significant increase in platform size;
  • plasma propulsion;
  • ultra-light reflectors with dual deployment;
  • 6-panel solar array delivering 13 kW of power at end-of-life.

Because of its huge size, Astra 1K will replace three Astra satellites now in orbit, and will also be an in-orbit spare for four others. At the same time, this satellite provides multi-mission flexibility, including Ku-band frequency reuse, and Ka-band multimedia services. It offers pan-European coverage, extending from Spain and Portugal to the rest of continental Europe.

Due to an launch vehicle failure, Astra 1K stranded in a low earth orbit. It was deorbited on 9 December 2002 over the Pacific.

Nation: Luxembourg
Type / Application: Communication (Direct Broadcasting)
Operator: SES
Contractors: Alcatel Space
Equipment: 52 Ku-band and 2 Ka-band transponders
Configuration: Spacebus-3000B3S
Propulsion: S400, 4 × SPT-100 Stationary Plasma Thrusters
Power: 2 deployable solar arrays, batteries
Mass: 5250 kg
Orbit: GEO planned, 175 km × 175 km, 51.6 reached,
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Astra 1K 2002-053A 25.11.2002 Ba LC-81/23 P Proton-K Blok-DM3
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