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Aman 1

AMAN [SatRevolution]

Aman 1 is Oman’s first orbital mission. It is a single earth observation satellite meant to demonstrate the future feasibility of a larger constellation.

AMAN is a 3U CubeSat and was developed after a memorandum of understanding among the Sultanate of Oman, Polish Small Satellite manufacturer and operator SatRev, Poland-originated AI data analytics specialists TUATARA, and Omani-based merging technology innovator ETCO. The agreement includes additional planned small satellites, including this, the first in Oman’s history.

AMAN uses a 3U CubeSat platform with advanced Earth-Observation capabilities and based on the STORK satellites.

AMAN is outfitted with the Vision-300 optical payload, which has been tested in space and is designed for nano- and micro-satellite applications. Vision-300 is suited for medium ground sampling distance imaging applications such as precision agriculture, forestry, and land use, as well as energy, infrastructure, and coastal monitoring. The ground resolution is 5.8 km.

The satellite was launched on 9 January 2023 from Spaceport Cornwall by Virgin Orbit with their LauncherOne rocket but the launch was a failure and the satellite did not achieve orbit.

A second satellite also called Aman-1 is to be launched in late 2023 on a rideshare mission.

Nation: Oman
Type / Application: Earth observation, technology
Operator: ETCO
Contractors: SatRevolution S.A.
Equipment: Vision-300 imager
Configuration: CubeSat (3U)
Propulsion: None
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
Aman 1 2023-F01 09.01.2023 Nq RW12/30 F LauncherOne with AMBER 1, Prometheus 2A, 2B, CIRCE 1, 2, DOVER, ForgeStar 0, STORK 6
Aman 1(R) 2023-174 11.11.2023 Va SLC-4E Falcon-9 v1.2 (Block 5) with ICEYE X31, X32, X34, X35, Umbra-SAR 07, 08, Pelican 1, FalconSat 10, SPIP, Aether 1, 2, ION-SCV 013, EPICHyper 3, Intuition 1, Crypto3, Lemur-2 181, OSW Cazorla, Ymir 1, PiCo-IoT 1, ..., 9, Unicorn 2J, 2K, HADES D, ROM 3, SpaceANT-D, Tartan Artibeus 2, Impulse 1, Time We’ll Tell, SpaceVan 001, GHGSat C9, C10, C11, Observer 1A, ProtoMéthée, MANTIS, BRO 10, 11, Connecta T3.1, T3.2, GENMAT 1, NinjaSat, OrbAstro PC1, OrbAstro TR1, PEARL 1C, 1H, Platero, Platform 5, Tiger 5, 6, Vindlér 1, ..., 4, Ella 1, Aman 1 (R), Barry 1, Flock-4q 1, ..., 36, Heron Mk.2, IRIS C2, KAFASAT, Lemur-2 179, 180, OMNI-LER1, Outpost Mission 2, JinjuSat 1, Djibouti 1A, Picacho, Veronika, Hello Test 1, 2

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