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The AIS/APRS/ARIS mission uses a modified version of the PSLV-QL rocket's upper stage that allows it to serve as a long-term platform in orbit for experiments.

The PS4 orbital platform is envisaged to provide a microgravity environment for research organisations and academic institutes to perform experiments. This PS-4 is the first modified with solar celles to provide long term electrical power to the payloads.

On this mission, the PS4 hosts three payloads:

  • AIS (Automatic Identification System) from ISRO - for Maritime satellite applications capturing messages transmitted from ships
  • APRS (Automatic Packet Repeating System) from AMSAT (Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation), India - assists amateur radio operators in tracking and monitoring position data
  • ARIS (Advanced Retarding Potential Analyzer for Ionospheric Studies) from Indian Institute of Space Science and technology (IIST) - for the structural and compositional studies of ionosphere.
Nation: India
Type / Application: Technology
Contractors: ISRO, AMSAT, IIST
Equipment: AIS-receiver, APRS, ARIS
Configuration: Payloads on PSLV PS-4
Propulsion: ?
Power: Solar cells, batteries
Orbit: 435 km × 515 km, 97.5
Satellite COSPAR Date LS Launch Vehicle Remarks
AIS/APRS/ARIS 2019-018AC 01.04.2019 Sr SLP PSLV-QL with EMISAT, Flock-4a 1, ..., 20, Lemur-2 96, ..., 99, BlueWalker 1, M6P, Astrocast 0.2, AISTECHSAT 3


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