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Cancelled Vostok / Voskhod Flights


Vostok (3K)

Voskhod 1 (3KV)

Voskhod 2 (3KD)

# Date Flight Version Crew Crew Payload
xx.04.1964 Vostok-7 Vostok-3K Cdr Volynov, Boris Valentinovich 1
xx.06.1964 Vostok-8 Vostok-3K Cdr Khrunov, Yevgeni Vassilyevich 1
xx.08.1964 Vostok-9 Vostok-3K Cdr Belyayev, Pavel Ivanovich 1
xx.04.1965 Vostok-10 Vostok-3K Cdr Leonov, Aleksei Arkhipovich 1
xx.06.1965 Vostok-11 Vostok-3K Cdr Komarov, Vladimir Mikhailovich 1
xx.06.1965 Vostok-12 Vostok-3K Cdr Beregovoi, Georgi Timofeyevich 1
xx.04.1966 Vostok-13 Vostok-3K Cdr Gorbatko, Viktor Vassilyevich 1
xx.06.1966 Voskhod 3 Voskhod-3KV Cdr
Shonin, Georgi Stepanovich
Volynov, Boris Valentinovich
xx.3Q.1966 Voskhod 4 Voskhod-3KV Cdr
Beregovoi, Georgi Timofeyevich
Katys, Georgiy Petrovich
xx.4Q.1966 Voskhod 5 Voskhod-3KD Cdr
Ponomaryova, Valentina Leonidovna
Solovyova, Irina Bayanovna
xx.1Q.1967 Voskhod 6 Voskhod-3KD Cdr
Khrunov, Yevgeni Vassilyevich
Voronov, Anatoli Fyodorovich


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