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TRW → Northrop Grumman Space Technology: T330 (AB-1200)

EOS-PM (Aqua)

Satellite Date Launcher Weight (kg) Remarks
Launch BOL
DWSS 1 2019 EELV
EOS-CHEM 1 (Aura) 15.07.2004 Delta-7920-10L 2967
EOS-PM 1 (Aqua) 04.05.2002 Delta-7920-10L 2934
NPOES C1 2013 EELV cancelled
NPOES C2 2016 EELV cancelled
NPOES C3 Option EELV cancelled
NPOES C4 Option EELV cancelled
NPOES C5 Option EELV cancelled
NPOES C6 Option EELV cancelled
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