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OHB: SmallGEO (LUXOR) bus

Hispasat 36W-1 [ESA / Pierre Carril]

A small European geostationary platform (SGEO) for communications applications is being developed under OHB's lead management. Initiated by OHB, it has been established as a separate component of the long-term ESA schedule under the ARTES-11 program. The technical specifications for Luxor are based on a proposal submitted by OHB-System AG.

What sets the SGEO platform apart is its modular structure. As a result, the satellite can be fitted individually in accordance with the customer's specific requirements without any major modifications to the satellite bus. The advantages are plain to see: Short integration times make it possible to react swiftly to new market needs and reduce costs. The relatively low complexity of the system ensures high reliability in tandem with reduced program risk.

SGEO has been developed as an optimum platform for communications payloads. With its modular design, however, SGEO also provides a cost-efficient basis for other applications such as Earth observation or meteorology.

The first satellites utilizing the SGEO platform wer to be placed in orbit in 2012, but the maiden mission was delayed to 2017.

Satellite Ordered Date Launcher Weight (kg) Remarks
Launch BOL
EDRS C / HYLAS 3 2013 06.08.2019 Ariane-5ECA+ 3186
Heinrich Hertz (H2Sat) 2017 05.07.2023 Ariane-5ECA+ 3408
Hispasat 36W-1 (ex Hispasat AG1) 2008 28.01.2017 Soyuz-ST-B Fregat-MT 3221
MTG-I 1 2010 13.12.2022 Ariane-5ECA+ 3760
MTG-I 2 2010 2026 Ariane-64 3760
MTG-I 3 2010 2032 3760
MTG-I 4 2010 2036 ~3600
MTG-S 1 (Sentinel 4A) 2010 2025 Ariane-64
MTG-S 2 (Sentinel 4B) 2010 2035


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