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Mitsubishi Electric (Melco): DS-2000

Superbird 7 [MELCO]

The DS2000 platform was developed based on a design originally created for the DRTS and ETS 8 platforms through development by JAXA. After winning an international bid competition for the MTSAT-2, a Japanese commercial satellite launched in 2006, the company incorporated evolutionary changes to match the requirements for standard commercial communications satellites and introduced the DS2000.

An original program management system developed based on Mitsubishi Electric’s years of experience in the communications satellite business allows customers to access design data and processes and request changes during development, production and testing. This high level of visibility ensures that each platform is tailored to exact requirements and is completed in time to meet the delivery schedule, thus allowing the DS2000 to meet the needs of communications satellite operators around the world.

Distinctive Features

  • Highly reliable design and production based upon rich experience derived from participation in more than 280 satellite projects worldwide.
  • Capable of providing an output of up to 15 kW, satisfying the power requirements for powerful and multiple communications transponders.
  • Flexible design matches various applications including hybrid communications payloads.
Satellite Ordered Date Launcher Weight (kg) Remarks
Launch BOL
DRTS (Kodama) 10.09.2002 H-2A-2024 2800
ETS 8 (Kiku 8) 18.12.2006 H-2A-204 5800
DSN 1 / Superbird 8 (Kirameki 1 / Superbird B3) 2014 05.04.2018 Ariane-5ECA 5348
DSN 2 (Kirameki 2) 2014 24.01.2017 H-2A-204
Es'hail 2/AMSAT P4A 2014 15.11.2018 Falcon-9 v1.2 (Block 5) 5300
Himawari 8 2009 07.10.2014 H-2A-202 3500
Himawari 9 2009 02.11.2016 H-2A-202 3500
JDRS 1 201x 29.11.2020 H-2A-202 ?
MTSat 2 (Himawari 7) 2000 18.02.2006 H-2A-2024 4650
QZS 1 (Michibiki 1) 11.09.2010 H-2A-202 4100
QZS 1R (Michibiki 1R) 26.10.2021 H-2A-202 4000
QZS 2 (Michibiki 2) 2013 01.07.2017 H-2A-202 4000
QZS 3 (Michibiki 3) 2013 19.08.2017 H-2A-204 4700
QZS 4 (Michibiki 4) 2013 09.10.2017 H-2A-202 4000
ST 2 2008 20.05.2011 Ariane-5ECA 5090
Superbird 7 (Superbird C2) 2005 14.08.2008 Ariane-5ECA 4820
Türksat 4A 2011 14.02.2014 Proton-M Briz-M (Ph.3) 4850
Türksat 4B 2011 16.10.2015 Proton-M Briz-M (Ph.3) 4924

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