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Lockheed Martin: LM-900

Ikonos 1 [Lockheed Martin]

The LM900 spacecraft is a versatile, three-axis stabilized bus that is designed to carry remote sensing payloads in LEO orbits. It provides precision pointing on an ultra-stable, highly-agile platform. Payloads for a variety of scientific and remote sensing applications can be accommodated including laser sensors, imagers, radar sensors, electro-optical sensors, astronomical sensors, as well as planetary sensors. The LM900 spacecraft design is based on the Ikonos 1-meter resolution imaging bus that has been operational since September, 1999. Hardware heritage is also from the Iridium program which has more than 70 spacecraft in orbit.

Satellite Date Launcher Weight (kg) Remarks
Launch BOL
Ikonos (1) 27.04.1999 F Athena-2 726
Ikonos 1 24.09.1999 Athena-2 726
LM-900 (LMx small)
WorldView 4 (WV 4) (ex GeoEye 2) 11.11.2016 Atlas-5(401) 2600
LM-1200 (LMx large)
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Source: Lockheed LM900 Data Sheet

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