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CNES: Myriade / EADS Astrium → Airbus Defence and Space: AstroSat-100


Myriade is the name given to a micro-satellite product line being developed jointly by Astrium and the French Space Agency CNES since 1998. The Myriade program is principally designed for scientific, application and technology missions, in response to increasing demand from the scientific community for quicker, cheaper access to space, with the accent on enhanced payload capacity in terms of mass, power, pointing accuracy, telemetry and processing and orbit control propulsion. The program is also envisaged for institutional or export opportunities. The first mission flying this platform will be CNES' scientific microsat DEMETER in 2004, followed by the French MoD system for electro-magnetic environment analysis, Essaim, scheduled for launch in 2004.

Astrium is working in collaboration with the French space agency CNES to develop the Myriade micro-satellite product line. CNES missions are manufactured in-house by CNES, while commercial and other governmental missions are produced by Astrium. Astrium offers the Myriade bus commercially under the name AstroSat-100.  

Satellite Date Launcher Weight (kg) Remarks
Launch BOL
DEMETER 29.06.2004 Dnepr 130
ELISA 1 (ELISA W11) 17.12.2011 Soyuz-ST-A Fregat 120
ELISA 2 (ELISA E12) 17.12.2011 Soyuz-ST-A Fregat 120
ELISA 3 (ELISA W23) 17.12.2011 Soyuz-ST-A Fregat 120
ELISA 4 (ELISA E24) 17.12.2011 Soyuz-ST-A Fregat 120
Essaim 1 18.12.2004 Ariane-5G+ 120
Essaim 2 18.12.2004 Ariane-5G+ 120
Essaim 3 18.12.2004 Ariane-5G+ 120
Essaim 4 18.12.2004 Ariane-5G+ 120
FBM cancelled VLS-1 100
MicroCarb 2025 Vega-C 190
MICROSCOPE 25.04.2016 Soyuz-ST-A Fregat-M 303
PARASOL 18.12.2004 Ariane-5G+ 120
Picard 15.06.2010 Dnepr 100
SPIRALE A 12.02.2009 Ariane-5ECA 120
SPIRALE B 12.02.2009 Ariane-5ECA 120
TARANIS 17.11.2020 F Vega 200
AlSat 2A 12.07.2010 PSLV-CA 116
AlSat 2B 26.09.2016 PSLV-G (3) 110
SSOT (FASat Charlie) 17.12.2011 Soyuz-ST-A Fregat 117
VNREDSat 1a 07.05.2013 Vega 115
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