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Alcatel → Thales Alenia: Proteus


Proteus (Plateforme Reconfigurable pour l'Observation, les Te'le'communications Et les Usages Scientifiques) is designed for LEO payloads in the 300 kg/300 W class. The platform also offers a 2-Gbyte mass memory and a 690-kbit/s S-band telemetry transmitter.

Proteus is designed for use in sunsynchronous, polar and near-equatorial orbits at altitudes from 500 to 1,500 km and for an orbital lifetime of 5 years.

Proteus offers precision attitude control (to within 0.05°) with the main instrument package pointing in the earth-center (or anti-earth-center) direction or precision inertial stabilization and attitude control. Attitude can also be programmed to follow a customer-specified pattern.

A Proteus control center can be easily integrated with an existing facility using equipment that is both readily available and easy to maintain.

The Proteus service module is compatible with all launch vehicles with a payload capacity between 500 and 1,000 kg. The only limits are those imposed by the customer's payload

The service module's precision AOCS (attitude and orbit control system) features a fully redundant configuration of rate gyros, star trackers, GPS receivers, reaction wheels and magnetic torquers.

Satellite Date Launcher Weight (kg) Remarks
Launch BOL
Proteus (standard)
CALIPSO (ESSP 3) 28.04.2006 Delta-7420-10C 560
COROT 27.12.2006 Souyz-2-1b Fregat 500
GIOVE B (GSTB v2B) 26.04.2008 Soyuz-FG Fregat
Göktürk 1A 05.12.2016 Vega 1060
Göktürk 1B option Vega 1100
Jason 1 07.12.2001 Delta-7920-10C 500
Jason 2 (OSTM) 20.06.2008 Delta-7320-10C 553
Jason 3 17.01.2016 Falcon-9 v1.1
SMOS 02.11.2009 Rokot-KM
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