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AeroAstro: Astro-200 / Ball: BCP-100

STPSat 1 [AeroAstro]

The Standard Interface Vehicle (SIV) or Astro-200-Bus provides Multi-Mission high reliability and performance. The innovative SIV design includes a separable Payload Standard Interface Module that may be integrated in parallel with the bus to support accelerated launch schedules and reduce technical risk.

The SIV bus utilizes a standard payload interface to accommodate a variety of payload configuration in low earth orbits from 400 - 850km. The spacecraft supports, without design change, a wide range of inclinations with a minimum one-year lifetime. SIV features high mass and power margins, flight-proven heritage components, and a highly integrated mechanical and thermal design. It incorporates a flexible zero-momentum ACS, fixed and articulated solar arrays, integrated C&DH and power avionics, and a high-reliability SGLS transponder. AeroAstro is under contract to design and build up to six spacecraft buses under the SIV contract, and to provide integration, launch and mission operations support.

AeroAstro is prime contractor for STPSat-1, from which the STP-SIV spacecraft bus is largely derived. The STP-SIV spacecraft will simplify and accelerate access to space for critical new technologies.

Astro 200AS is an enhanced-performance version of the Astro 200, providing outstanding performance in the area of attitude knowledge / control, jitter, added X-Band downlink capability, improved timing accuracy and longer mission life.

Satellite Date Launcher Weight (kg) Remarks
Launch BOL
STP-1 bus
STPSat 1 09.03.2007 Atlas-5(401) 164
STP-SIV / Astro-200 / BCP-100
GPIM 25.06.2019 Falcon-Heavy (Block 5)
STPSat 2 20.11.2010 Minotaur-4 HAPS
STPSat 3 20.11.2013 Minotaur-1
JMAPS 2015


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