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Terrier Mk.70 Improved Malemute

Terrier Mk.70 Improved Malemute

The Terrier Improved Malemute (also known as Terrier Patriot during early development) is a two-stage, unguided, fin stabilized rocket system which utilizes two surplus motors: a Terrier Mk.70 first stage booster and a Improved Malemute (surplus Patriot) rocket motor for the second stage propulsion.

A Terrier-Improved Malemute motor stack was evaluated for use based on the recent availability to the SRPO of a new surplus upper stage motor. This vehicle showed promise as an enhancement to the existing fleet with a performance close to the single stage Black Brant V. Payloads between 272 and 544 kg can be launched to altitudes of 150 to 300 km. This vehicle, which features reduced wind sensitivity and smaller impact dispersions, is well suited for hypersonic research, re-entry test flights and other missions with high Mach number requirements.

Vehicle Stage 1 Stage 2
Terrier Mk.70 Improved Malemute (Terrier Mk.70 Patriot) Terrier Mk.70 (TX-664) Improved Malemute (TX-486-1)
Nr  TypeNr   Vehicle                       Date             LS             Payload

xxx     1    Terrier Impr. Malemute        27.03.2010  *    WI LA-1 AML    NASA 12.067GT / ADAMASat / CP1U
xxx     2    Terrier Impr. Malemute        11.01.2012  *    WI             NASA 12.074GT
xxx     3    Terrier Impr. Malemute        27.03.2012  *    WI LA-2 MRL    NASA 46.002UE (ATREX 2)
xxx     4    Terrier Impr. Malemute        27.03.2012  *    WI LA-1 AML    NASA 46.003UE (ATREX 4)
xxx     5    Terrier Impr. Malemute        21.09.2012  *    WI LA-2 ARC    NASA 46.004GO (RockSat-X 2)
xxx     6    Terrier Impr. Malemute        07.05.2013  *    RN             NASA 46.001UE (EVEX)
xxx     7    Terrier Impr. Malemute        13.08.2013  *    WI LA-2 ARC    NASA 46.005UO (Rocksat-X 3)
xxx     8    Terrier Impr. Malemute        02.07.2014  *F   WI             NASA 46.007GP (SubTec 6)
xxx     9    Terrier Impr. Malemute        26.01.2015  *    PF LC-1        NASA 46.009UE (M-TeX 1)
xxx    10    Terrier Impr. Malemute        26.01.2015  *    PF LC-3        NASA 46.010UE (M-TeX 2)
xxx    11    Terrier Impr. Malemute        18.04.2015  *    WI LA-2 ARC    NASA 46.008UO (Rocksat-X 4)
xxx    12    Terrier Impr. Malemute        12.08.2015  *    WI LA-2 ARC    NASA 46.012UO (Rocksat-X 5)
xxx    13    Terrier Impr. Malemute        01.03.2016  *    WI             NASA 46.011GP (MUSIC)
xxx    14    Terrier Impr. Malemute        17.08.2016  *    WI LA-2        NASA 46.014UO (Rocksat-X 6)
xxx    15    Terrier Impr. Malemute        29.06.2017  *    WI             NASA 46.015GT (Ampoule Test)
xxx    16    Terrier Impr. Malemute        13.08.2017  *    WI             NASA 46.017UO (Rocksat-X 7)
xxx    17    Terrier Impr. Malemute        25.03.2018  *    WI             NASA 46.019UO (USIP)
xxx    18    Terrier Impr. Malemute        14.08.2018  *    WI             NASA 46.021UO (RocSat-X 8)
xxx    19    Terrier Impr. Malemute        13.01.2019  *    Sva            NASA 46.018UO (G-CHASER, RockSat-XN)
xxx    20    Terrier Impr. Malemute        12.08.2019  *    WI             NASA 46.022UO (RocSat-X 9)
xxx    21    Terrier Impr. Malemute        26.11.2019  *P   Sva            NASA 46.029IE (ICI 5)


xxx   xxx    Terrier Impr. Malemute        xx.04.2019  *    WI             NASA 46.020GT (SubTec 8)

Launch sites:

PF  = Poker Flat Research Range, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA USA
RN  = Roi-Namur, Kwajalein, Marshall Islands Marshall Islands
Sva = Svalbard Rocket Range (SvalRak), Ny Ålesund, Svalbard, Norway Norway
WI  = Wallops Flight Facility, Wallops Island, Virginia, USA USA