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Terrier ASAS

Terrier ASAS [NASA]

The Terrier ASAS is a two-stage, unguided, fin stabilized rocket system which utilizes a Terrier Mk.70 first stage booster and a ASAS rocket motor for the second stage propulsion. The Terrier Mk.70 motor has four equally spaced modified Ajax fins, and the ASAS motor has four fins on the aft end arranged in a cruciform configuration to provide stability.

The basic Terrier Mk.70 motor is 3.937 m long with a principal diameter of 45.7 cm. There is a 7.6 cm interstage adapter which allows for drag separation at Terrier burnout. Typically, the Terrier booster will utilize two spin motors to reduce dispersion and also serve as drag plates. Each Terrier fin is 0.427 m² in area. Normally, the fins are canted to provide two revolutions per second spin rate at Terrier burnout. The weight of the Booster system is 1038 kg.

The ASAS motor became available at no cost and was transferred to SRPO for a flight demonstration of Terrier ASAS configuration. The 52.8 cm diameter motor has performance equivalent to a Black Brant V and may be able to accommodate bulbous payloads up to 76.2 cm in diameter representing a new capability for the program.

Apart of the "ASAS Technology Evaluation Demonstration" (ATED) maiden flight, no further flights of this configuration have occurred.

Vehicle Stage 1 Stage 2
Terrier Mk.70 ASAS (Terrier ASAS) Terrier Mk.70 (TX-664) ASAS-21-120 (TE-M-1059-1)
Nr  TypeNr   Vehicle                  Date             LS             Payload

xxx     1    Terrier ASAS             28.06.2005  *    WI             NASA 12.060GT (ATED)
Launch sites:

WI  = Wallops Flight Facility, Wallops Island, Virginia, USA USA

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