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Safir-1 (Omid)
[Fars News Agency]

Safir is an Iranian space launcher based on the Kavoshgar-1 sounding rocket, which is a modification of the Shahab-3 IRBM.

The Safir-1A is a two stage vehicle with a stretched Shahab-3 (Nodong type) based first stage, a liquid fueled second stage with two engines. The Safir-1B introduced an new fuel combination for higher thrust of stage one.

Possibly a small solid fuel third stage might be added to improve performance in future versions.

→ all Safir versions

Version Stage 1 Stage 2
Safir-1 Shahab-3 (str.) / ? Stage 2 / 2 × ?
Performance (kg) LEO LPEO SSO GTO GEO MolO IP
Safir-1 ~25 - - - - -
No:             Type          Serial          Date          LS          Payload

 1      1       Safir-1       OES.0001        17.08.2008 F  Sem LP-1    Omid ?
 2      2       Safir-1       GBS.0092        02.02.2009    Sem LP-1    Omid

Launch sites:

Sem = Semnan Satellite Launch Center, Semnan province, Iran Iran


Flight 1: Second stage lost control. Unclear, if orbital attempt or suborbital test flight.

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