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The RLV-SB (HS-9) rocket is a single stage booster derived from the SLV-3 Family to test the suborbital RLV-TD HEX-01 testbed for rusable launch vehicle technology.

The RLV-SB is based on the HS-9 solid rocket motor of SLV-3 technology, which was used for the SLV-3 rockets and Agni missles as well as strap-on on the PSLV Family. The HS-9 shares the same dimensions as the S-9 motor, but features a slower burning fuel grain and lighter casing materials.

The RLV-TD is a shuttle-shaped reentry experiment, which lands about 400 km from the launch site in the ocean. Recovery is not planned.

The launch of this experiment was successfully conducted on 23 May 2016 with the RLV-TD reaching a height of ~70 km and gliding down to the defined landing spot over Bay of Bengal, at a distance of about 450 km from Sriharikota, thereby fulfilling its mission objectives. The vehicle was successfully tracked during its flight from ground stations at Sriharikota and a shipborne terminal. Total flight duration from launch to landing of this mission of the delta winged RLV-TD, lasted for about 770 seconds.

Version Stage 1
RLV-SB (HS-9) HS-9
No: TNo:   Serial:    Type                    Date          LS       Payload

 9    1    --         RLV-SB                  23.05.2016  * Sr FLP   RLV-TD HEX-01

Launch sites:

Sr  = Satish Dhawan Space Center (Sriharikota Space Center), Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh, India India