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Minotaur-2+ (OSP-TLV)


The OSP (Orbital Suborbital Program) launch vehicles consits of components of retired Minuteman-2 missiles combined with new fabricated parts to create a low cost launch vehicle for modest orbital missions and sub orbital target delivery. Common for all versions are the M-55 and SR-19 first and second stages taken from the Minuteman-2. The Minotaur-2+ features also a SR-73-AJ/TC-1 third stage of the Minuteman-3.

Version Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Minotaur-2+ M-55E1 SR-19-AJ-1 SR-73-AJ-1 or SR-73-TC-1
Nr   TypeNr    Vehicle            Serial           Date        LS               Payload

 861     1     Minotaur-2+        TLV-7            23.08.2007  Va LF-06     *   NFIRE 2A Target
 865     2     Minotaur-2+        TLV-8            24.09.2008  Va LF-06     *   NFIRE 2B Target
 912     3     Minotaur-2+        .                07.07.2022  Va TP-01  F  *   Mk.21A Test

Launch sites:

Va  = Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, USA USA

* = suborbital

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