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H-1 UM-129A (6 Strap-On)

H-1 UM-129A (6 Strap-On) [NASDA]

see also: US Delta

Version Strap-On Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
H-1 UM-129A (6 SO) 6 × Castor-2 ELTT / MB-3-III LE-5 UM-129A
No:      Serial: Type:              Date:         LS         Payload

 5   1   H-20    H-1 UM-129A (6 SO) 05.09.1989    Ta LP-N    GMS 4 (Himawari 4)

SO = strap ons

Launch sites:

Ta  = Tanegashima Space Center, Tanegashima, Japan Japan

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