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GSLV Mk.3(2) (LVM-3)

GSLV Mk.3(2) (GSat 29) [ISRO]

LVM-3 or GSLV Mk.3 is an Indian lauchvehicle capable of launching a four ton satellite into geosynchronous transfer orbit. LVM-3 is a three-stage vehicle with a 110 ton core liquid propellant stage (L-110) and a strap-on stage with two solid propellant motors, each with 200 tons propellant (S-200). The upper stage will be cryogenic fueled with a propellant loading of 25 tons (C-25). LVM-3 will have a lift-off weight of about 629 tons and will be 42.4 m tall. The payload fairing has a diameter of 5 m and a payload volume of 100 cubic meters.

For the suborbital first flight, X-1, the second stage was inert without an engine. The data from this test flight resulted in a number of changes - a different ogive shape of the payload fairing and slanted nosecones for the boosters.

After the first orbital flight, an enlarged cryogenic stage was introduced.

Version Strap-On Stage 1 Stage 2
GSLV Mk.3 (LVM-3) 2 × S-200 L-110 / 2 × HTVE C-25 / CE20
Performance (kg) LEO LPEO SSO GTO GEO MolO IP
GSLV Mk.3(2) (LVM-3)
No: TypeNo:    Type              Serial   Date           LS       Payload

 3       1     GSLV Mk.3(2)      D2       14.11.2018     Sr SLP   GSat 29
 4       2     GSLV Mk.3(2)      M1       22.07.2019     Sr SLP   Chandrayaan 2 / Vikram 
 5       3     GSLV Mk.3(2)      M2       22.10.2022     Sr SLP   OneWeb L14-1, ..., L14-36


 x       x     GSLV Mk.3(2)      Mx       xx.xx.202x     Sr SLP   Gaganyaan 1
 x       x     GSLV Mk.3(2)      Mx       xx.xx.202x     Sr SLP   Gaganyaan 2
 x       x     GSLV Mk.3(2)      Mx       xx.xx.202x     Sr SLP   GSat 20 (CMS 03)
 x       x     GSLV Mk.3(2)      Mx       xx.xx.202x     Sr SLP   GSat 22 ?
 6       4     GSLV Mk.3(2)      M3       xx.03.2023     Sr SLP   OneWeb LG2-1, ..., LG2-36

Launch sites:

Sr  = Satish Dhawan Space Center (Sriharikota Space Center), Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh, India India

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