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Atlas-D Mercury

Atlas-D Mercury (Mercury-MA 1) [NASA]

Atlas-D Mercury (Mercury-MA 3) [NASA]

Performance (kg) LEO LPEO SSO GTO GEO MolO IP
Atlas-D Mercury 1350 - - - - - -
Nr  TNr    Vehicle                           Serial         Date          LS           Payload

 30   1    Atlas-D Mercury                   10D            09.09.1959 P  CC LC-14     * Mercury BJ-1
 58   2    Atlas-D Mercury                   50D            29.07.1960 F  CC LC-14     * Mercury MA-1
 78   3    Atlas-D Mercury                   67D            21.02.1961    CC LC-14     * Mercury MA-2
 82   4    Atlas-D Mercury                   100D           25.04.1961 F  CC LC-14       Mercury MA-3
 96   5    Atlas-D Mercury                   88D            13.09.1961    CC LC-14       Mercury MA-4
104   6    Atlas-D Mercury                   93D            29.11.1961    CC LC-14       Mercury MA-5
117   7    Atlas-D Mercury                   109D           20.02.1962    CC LC-14       Mercury MA-6
130   8    Atlas-D Mercury                   107D           24.05.1962    CC LC-14       Mercury MA-7 / Balloon Subsat 1
147   9    Atlas-D Mercury                   113D           03.10.1962    CC LC-14       Mercury MA-8
174  10    Atlas-D Mercury                   130D           15.05.1963    CC LC-14       Mercury MA-9 / Balloon Subsat 2 / Flashing Light Subsat


Flight 2: Booster section failed to separate from sustainer

Launch sites:

CC  = Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Eastern Test Range, Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA USA

F	Failure
*	Suborbital

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