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Zombie [US Army]

The Zombie short-range ballistic missile target is built on surplus ATACMS missiles.

Zombie Pathfinder is a guided low-cost target representing a class of threats used to demonstrate defensive protection capability. It was developed and administered by SMDC in conjunction with NASA. Zombie Pathfinder was developed by the SMDC Test Execution Support Division along with NASA, Orbital AKT and Teledyne Brown Engineering.

The Zombie Pathfinder launch was supported by the SMDC-developed transportable, mission-configurable 25,000 pounds-capacity Transportable Target Launcher. The 25K TTL can be used to support operational test launches of theater-class tactical ballistic missile targets.

NASA is considering using these vehicles as sounding rockets. A version boosted by a Terrier motor (Boosted Zombie) is also planned for a maiden launch in 2018.

Version Stage 1
Zombie ATACMS / M124
Nr  TypeNr   Vehicle                  Date             LS             Payload

  1     1    Zombie                   15.12.2016  *    WS             NASA 12.080DR (Pathfinder Zombie)
  2     2    Zombie                   14.06.2017  *    WS             NASA 12.086DR (Sabre Zombie)
  3     3    Zombie                   16.11.2017  *    FBG            NASA 12.085DR (Sabre Zombie) (NASA 12.082SZ-DR ?)


  x     x    Zombie ?                 xx.04.2019  *    WS             NASA 12.087DR (Zombie)

Launch sites:

FBG = Fort Bliss McGregor Range, Texas, USA USA
WS  = White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, USA USA

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