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VS-30 Orion

VS-30 Orion

VS-30 Orion (HiFire 5B) [DST]

The VS-30 Orion is a Brazilian sounding rocket. It consists of a VS-30 rocket as first stage combined with an US supplied Orion second stage, which is a retired Hawk SAM motor.

The unguided spin-stabilized rocket weights 1800 kg at lift off and has a length of about 7 m (depending on payload shroud). The first stage has an diameter of 0.56 m. It can put a small payload on a suborbital trajectory of up to 320 km.

The rocket has been used from a number of launch sites: Alcantara in Brazil and Andøya, Esrange and Svalbard in northern Europe.

Version Stage 1 Stage 2
VS-30 Orion S-30 Orion / M22E8
Nr TypeNr  Vehicle         Serial   Date              LS         Payload

32    1    VS-30 Orion     XV-01    21.08.2000  *     Al         Baronesa
35    2    VS-30 Orion     XV-02    23.11.2002  *     Al         Piraperna
38    3    VS-30 Orion     V03      27.10.2005  *     And        SHEFEX 1 (DLR)
43    4    VS-30 Orion     V04      31.01.2008  *     And        ARR HotPay-2
47    5    VS-30 Orion     V05      05.12.2008  *     Sva        ICI 2
54    6    VS-30 Orion     V08      03.12.2011  *     Sva        ICI 3
56    7    VS-30 Orion     V06      23.04.2012  * F   And        HIFiRE 5
57    8    VS-30 Orion     V07      13.09.2012  *     And        HIFiRE 3
58    9    VS-30 Orion     V10      08.12.2012  *     Al         Iguaiba
61   10    VS-30 Orion     V09      18.09.2013  * F   And        ScramSpace 1
64   11    VS-30 Orion     V11      19.02.2015  *     And        ICI 4
78   12    VS-30 Orion     V12      18.05.2016  *     Wo         HIFiRE 5b


Launch sites:

Al  = Alcantara Space Center (CLA), Brazil Brazil
And = Andøya Space Center (Andøya Rocket Range), Andøya, Nordland, Norway Norway
Sva = Svalbard Rocket Range (SvalRak), Ny Ålesund, Svalbard, Norway Norway
Wo  = Woomera Instrumented Range, Woomera, South Australia, Australia Australia


Flight  7: second stage failed to ignite
Flight 10: rocket strayed off course and unstable ascent due to an unexpected event during ignition in the first stage motor

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