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Vanguard [NRL]

Version Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Vanguard (TV-2) X-405 Dummy GRC 133-KS-2800 Dummy
Vanguard X-405 AJ-10-37 GRC 133-KS-2800
Vanguard (SLV-7) X-405 AJ-10-37 X-248-A2
No  Serial         TNo: Type             Date          LS           Payload

 1  TV-2           1    Vanguard (1 st)  23.10.1957  * CC LC-18A    (R&D)
 2  TV-3           1    Vanguard         06.12.1957 F  CC LC-18A    Vanguard (Test Satellite F)
 3  TV-3BU         2    Vanguard         05.02.1958 F  CC LC-18A    Vanguard (Test Satellite G)
 4  TV-4           3    Vanguard         17.03.1958    CC LC-18A    Vanguard 1 (Test Satellite H)
 5  TV-5           4    Vanguard         29.04.1958 F  CC LC-18A    Vanguard (X-ray/Environmental Satellite)
 6  SLV-1          5    Vanguard         28.05.1958 F  CC LC-18A    Vanguard (Lyman-Alpha Satellite 1)
 7  SLV-2          6    Vanguard         26.06.1958 F  CC LC-18A    Vanguard (Lyman-Alpha Satellite 2)
 8  SLV-3          7    Vanguard         26.09.1958 F  CC LC-18A    Vanguard (Cloud Cover Satellite 1)
 9  SLV-4          8    Vanguard         17.02.1959    CC LC-18A    Vanguard 2 (Cloud Cover Satellite 2)
10  SLV-5          9    Vanguard         14.04.1959 F  CC LC-18A    Vanguard (Magnetometer Satellite) / Vanguard Balloon
11  SLV-6         10    Vanguard         22.06.1959 F  CC LC-18A    Vanguard (Radiation Balance Satellite)
12  SLV-7 (TV-4BU) 1    Vanguard (mod)   18.09.1959 P  CC LC-18A    Vanguard 3 (Magne-Ray Satellite)


Flight 2:   Vehicle explodes after 2 sec
Flight 3:   control lost after 57 sec
Flight 5:   Stage 3 failed to ignite
Flight 6:   failure unknown
Flight 7:   failure unknown
Flight 8:   failure unknown
Flight 10:  failure unknown
Flight 11:  failure unknown
Flight 12:  Stage 3 failed to separate from payload

Launch sites:

CC  = Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Eastern Test Range, Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA USA

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