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Tronador-2 (model)

The Tronador-2 is a planned Argentinean small satellite launcher capable of orbiting a payload of 200 kg in to a low earth orbit.

Tronador-2 will be 2½ staged vehicle with a diameter on 2.5 m and a total length of 27 m. The first stage features three engines. Two of them will act as boosters and will be jetisoned.

The work is being overseen by the National Commission on Space Activities (CONAE). The rocket will be assembled in the Punta India Base by the National University. Several experimental vehicles are to be launched during development, like the VEx-1 and the VEx-5. The maiden orbital launch is planned for 2020 from the Base Naval Puerto Belgrano.

Version Stage 1 Stage 2
Tronador-2 ? ?
Performance (kg) LEO LPEO SSO GTO GEO MolO IP
Tronador-2 200 - - - -
Nr  TypeNr     Vehicle           Date        LS       Suc   Payload     



 1     1       Tronador-2        xx.xx.202x  PB             ?

Launch sites:

PB  = Base Naval Puerto Belgrano, Punta Alta, Coronel Rosales Partido, Argentina Argentina

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