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Taurion [NASA]

Taurion is a special low performing vehicle configuration for the development of the Sprint target vehicle

It consists of an improved Orion motor mounted inside of an empty Taurus (Honest John) motor case, which provides weight and drag required to get to the desired flight conditions. It uses the tactical Honest John fins for stabilization.

Vehicle Stage 1
Taurion M112 in Honest John casing
Nr TypeNr  Vehicle              Date          LS        Suc  Payload

 1    1    Taurion              17.12.2014    WS       *     NASA 12.082CR (Sprint 1)
 2    2    Taurion ?            30.03.2021    WS       *     NASA 12.088NR (ABFT)


 2    2    Taurion              xx.xx.20xx    WS       *     NASA 12.083CR (Sprint 2)
 3    3    Taurion              xx.xx.20xx    WS       *     NASA 12.084CR (Sprint 3)

Launch sites:

WS  = White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, USA USA

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