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Stig-B / SARGE

Stig-B [Armadillo]


The Stig-B is a small, liquid fueled sounding rocket developed by Armadillo Aerospace as a successor to the Stig-A (Stiga) vehicle.

The vehicle features low pressure LOX / ethanol as propellant with regulated helium pressurization. Steering is provided by gimballing the engine and a roll control vane.

With Armadillo bought by EXOS, the Stig-B rocket was further developed into the reusable SARGE (Suborbital Active Rocket with Guidance) sounding rocket, with flight scheduled to begin in late 2016. The first launch of SARGE eventually took place in August 2018 with the booster being recovered. It was re-launched in March 2019, but due to gusty winds the flight was aborted reaching only 20 km instead of the planned 80 km. Again the booster was recovered. The third flight was also aborted with the booster and payload being recovered.

Version Stage 1
Stig-B Stig-B
No.  TNo.  Vehicle           Date               LS           Payload

 1    1    Stig-B            06.10.2012  * F    SA VLA       ?
 2    2    Stig-B            03.11.2012  * F    SA VLA       ?
 3    3    Stig-B            05.01.2013  * F    SA VLA       ?
 4    1    SARGE             25.08.2018  *      SA VLA       Pathfinder
 5    2    SARGE             02.03.2019  * P    SA VLA       M1 (Mission 1)
 6    3    SARGE             29.06.2019  * P    SA VLA       M2 (Mission 2)

Launch sites:

SA  = Spaceport America (SouthWest Regional Spaceport), Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA USA

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