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Stig-A (Stiga)

Stig-A [CSD]

The Stig-A (Stiga) is a small, liquid fueled sounding rocket developed by Armadillo Aerospace. It reached 82 km on its third flight.

The vehicle features low pressure LOX / ethanol as propellant with regulated helium pressurization. Steering is provided by gimballing the engine and a roll control vane.

Version Stage 1
Stiga (Stig-A) Stig-A
No.  TNo.  Vehicle           Date               LS           Payload

 1    1    Stig-A            14.05.2011  *      SA VLA       ?
 2    2    Stig-A            04.12.2011  *      SA VLA       ?
 3    3    Stig-A            28.01.2012  *      SA VLA       ?

Launch sites:

SA  = Spaceport America (SouthWest Regional Spaceport), Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA USA

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