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Starchaser-6 (Thunderstar) [Starchaser]

Thunderbird is british Starchaser Industries' entry to win the X-Prize. It is a completly recoverable and reusable suborbital rocket, consisting of 4 boosters and two stages. All stages and boosters are powered by liquid-fueled StarDrive engines and are to be recovered by parachutes. The three-seated Thunderbird capsule is also recovered by parachutes too after reaching a height of 100 km. Starchaser plans to conduct 2 launches in 2005 from Australia, flying 6 persons in total. The first flight is to be crewed by Anthony Haynes, Steve Bennett and an unidentified space tourist.

Version Stage 1
Starchaser-5 Stage 1 / 2 Churchill Mk.2
No.TypNo Type             Date          LS      Payload 


planned launches

 1       Starchaser-5     xx.xx.2005    ?  *    Thunderstar F1
 2       Starchaser-5     xx.xx.2005    ?  *    Thunderstar F2

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