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The AGM-69 SRAM (Short-Range Attack Missile) is a supersonic air-to-surface missile used by bombers to neutralize enemy air defenses, such as surface-to-air missile sites, and to strike heavily defended and mobile targets.

The AGM-69 SRAM can be launched without the bomber aircraft being exposed to target area defense systems. Its range, speed, and small radar image provide excellent penetration against advanced enemy air defense systems. The SRAM has an inertial guidance system with terrain-avoidance capability designed so that it cannot be jammed. It can fly sharply curved courses, can be targeted aboard the aircraft immediately prior to launch, and has flexibility in missile speeds and trajectories. It is carried by B-52G/H and B-1B aircraft. The B-52 can carry eight SRAMs on a rotary launcher in the rear bomb bay. The B-1B can carry up to three rotary launchers of eight SRAMs each, or a total of 24 missiles per aircraft. The first SRAM-capable B-1B unit, located at Dyess Air Force Base, Texas, achieved initial operational capability in September 1986.

The SRAM's initial 38 test launches were conducted between 1969 and 1971 from FB-111s and B-52 aircraft. The development test program was completed in July 1971, with the missile exceeding specification requirements in terms of range, accuracy, radar cross section and reliability. Since 1971, 123 more SRAMs were successfully tested during the follow-on test and evaluation program. Production of the AGM-69A began in 1971, and the Strategic Air Command received them in March 1972. First to receive them for operational use were the FB-111s of the 509th Bombardment Wing, Pease Air Force Base, N.H. Delivery of the 1,500 AGM-69s to the Air Force was complete in 1975.

Vehicle Aircraft Stage 1
SRAM (AGM-69A) B-52 or FB-111 or B-1B SR-75-LP-1 (LPC-415)

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