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Spectrum [Isar Aerospace]

Spectrum is a small liquid fueled orbital launch vehicle, which is being developed by Isar Aerospace, Germany.

Spectrum is a two-stage launch vehicle that is specifically designed for satellite constellation deployment. Payload capabilities of up to 1000 kg to low-earth orbit and a multi-ignition second stage engine enable flexible access to space for major satellite systems. Spectrum is designed to handle the most challenging mission parameters and offers engine-out capability on the first stage.

Spectrum has a principal diameter of 2 meter and a length of 22 meter. It uses light hydrocarbons and liquid oxygen for reduced environmental impact compared to common propellants. The engines are developed in-house. Stage 1 is propelled by a cluster of nine Aquila-SL engines. Stage 2 features one reignitable Aquila-Vac engine. Payload fairings with 1.8 meter and 2.5 m diameter are available.

A maiden flight is planned for 2022. Andøya Space Center, Norway, has been selected as launch site.

Version Stage 1 Stage 2
Spectrum Stage 1 / 9 × Aquila-SL Stage 2 / 1 × Aquila-VAC
Performance (kg) LEO LPEO SSO GTO GEO MolO IP
Spectrum 1000 700 - - - -
No.  TypNo Type             Date            LS         Payload 



 1    1    Spectrum         xx.xx.2023      And LP-A   MSAE-OTTERS / CyBEEsat / Tom 1, 2, 3 / FRAMSat 1 / TRISAT-S
 x    x    Spectrum         xx.xx.202x      And LP-A   (Airbus DS)
 x    x    Spectrum         xx.xx.202x      And LP-A   (DLR)
 x    x    Spectrum         xx.xx.202x      And LP-A   (DLR)

Launch sites:

And = Andøya Space Center (Andøya Rocket Range), Andøya, Nordland, Norway Norway
Ko  = Centre Spatial Guyanais (CSG), Kourou, French Guiana French Guiana


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