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Skylark-L [Skyrora]

The Skylark-L (unrelated to earlier Skylark launch vehicles) is a liquid fueled sounding rocket built by Skyrora, which is also acting as a technology demonstrator for the planned Skyrora-XL launch vehichle

Skylark-L is Skyrora’s 11 m suborbital rocket, capable of reaching 4x the speed of sound and an altitude of over 125 km. 70% of the technology tested in the Skylark--L launch attempt will be applied to the systems of the Skyrora-XL vehicle, providing a key incremental learning opportunity to increase technological readiness ahead of vertical orbital launch next year.

Version Stage 1
Skylark-L Skylark-L
No.  TNo.  Vehicle           Date             LS              Payload

 1    1    Skylark           08.10.2022  *F   Lng             R&D



Launch sites:

Lng = Langanes, Iceland Iceland

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