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Shuang Quxian-1S/Z (SQX-1S/Z, Hyperbola-1S/Z)

Hyperbola-1S [i-Space]

Hyperbola-1Z [i-Space]

Shuang Quxian-1S (Hyperbola-1S) is a small solid fuel rocket designed by the Chinese company Beijing Interstellar Glory Space Technology Ltd. under the brand name iSpace as a demonstrator for their planned Hyperbola-1 rocket.

Not much information on the vehicle is available. Possibly it is based on rocket motors inherited from the DF-11 or DF-15 missiles.

On 4 April 2018, the 8.4 m long and 4.6 ton single stage Shuang Quxian-1S (Hyperbola-1S) test vehicle was launched from Hainan to an altitude of 108 km. On 5 September 2018 a similar Shuang Quxian-1Z (Hyperbola-1Z) was launched, which featured grid fins instad of the normal fins.

iSpace plans to perform an orbital launch of the Shuang Quxian-1 (SQX-1, Hyperbola-1) by June 2019, which might possibly use a larger stage 1 with the Hyperbola-1S as stage 2.

Version Stage 1
Shuang Quxian-1S (SQX-1S, Hyperbola-1S) DF-11 motor ?
Shuang Quxian-1Z (SQX-1Z, Hyperbola-1Z) DF-11 motor ?
No:         Type               Date          LS         Payload

 1      1   Shuang Quxian-1S    04.04.2018 *  Hai        ?
 2      1   Shuang Quxian-1Z    05.09.2018 *  Jq         TFJR 1 / CDGX 1 / EREBUS 1

Launch sites:

Hai = Haikou Space Center (China Academy of Sciences Hainan Danzhou Sounding Rocket Unit), Hainan, China China
Jq  = Jiuquan Space Center, Inner Mongolia, China China

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