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Sergeant / Castor with upper stages

Blue-Scout-Junior (HETS D-1)


Blue-Scout-jr SLV1B (SRP)

Blue-Scout-jr SLV1C [Scott Murdock]


X-17A with Project Argus W-25 Nuclear Bomb


Sergeant Hydac


Version Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5
Blue-Scout-jr SLV-1B Castor-1 (XM-33E8) Antares-1A (X-254-A1) Alcor (AJ10-41) Cetus (NOTS-100A) -
Blue-Scout-jr SLV-1B mod. Castor-1 (XM-33E8) Antares-1A (X-254-A1) Alcor (AJ10-41) - -
Blue-Scout-jr SLV-1C (MER-6A) Castor-1 (XM-33E8) Antares-1A (X-254-A1) Altair (X-248) - -
Castor Recruit Castor-1 Recruit - - -
Polaris-FTV-5 Sergeant (TX-20) 10KS2500 - - -
RAM-B Castor-1 Antares-1A (X-254-A1) Alcor - -
Sergeant Hydac Sergeant Hydac - - -
Sergeant Lance Lance Recruit T-55 Sergeant (TX-20) Lance (TX-77) Lance (TX-77) Recruit T-55
Storm-1 Sergeant (XM100) M-57A1 - - -
X-17A (Pegasus) Sergeant (TX-20) 3 × Recruit (XM-19) Recruit (XM-19E1) - -

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