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Scorpius-SR-S  [Microcosm]

Scorpius-SR-XM-1 [Microcosm]

The Scorpius rockets were small experimental rockets designed by MicroSpace Inc. to develop a family of suborbital and small orbital vehicles.

This family used pressure-fed Kerosene / LOX engines as propulsion with all-composite pressurized tanks.

The Scorpius-SR-S was a vehicle with only one 5,000 lb. thrust engine. After one botched launch attempt, it made a low-altitude atmospheric flight.

The Scorpius-SR-XM-1 was a larger diameter vehicle with two 5,000 lb. thrust engine. It aslo made a low-altitude atmospheric flight.

A planned Scorpius-SR-XM-2 version of the former vehicle with one larger 20,000 lb. thrust engine was never flown. Further development of these vehicles did not happen.

No:  TNo:    Serial: Type:             Date:         LS    Payload

 -     -        Scorpius-SR-S          16.09.1998  *F  WS    R/D
 1     1        Scorpius-SR-S          27.01.1999  *   WS    R/D
 2     1        Scorpius-SR-XM-1       09.03.2001  *   WS    R/D


 3     1        Scorpius-SR-XM-2       xx.xx.20xx  *   WS    R/D


Flight 1:       LOX-Valve failed to open, Rocket damaged, no lift off

Launch sites:

WS  = White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, USA USA

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