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Roton-ATV [Rotary Rockets]

Roton-C9 [Rotary Rockets]

The Roton was a concept for a completly reusable single stage to orbit (SSTO) launcher.

Running on LOX and Kerosene, the first version was to be powered by 8 FASTRAC derived engined (possibly with aerospike nozzle). Later versions were to use the RocketJet rotating engine with centrifugal pumping. After deploying its payload and reentering the atmosphere, the roton was to deploy a helicopter like rotor for a soft landing. Small Hydrogenperoxide rockets on the rotor tips were to provide power for the final landing. The Roton was to have a crew of two astronauts.

The ATV (Atmospheric Test Vehicle) has been flown to test the rotor propulsion.

Due to lack of funds, the further development was cancelled.

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