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Momo v0 [IST]

Momo is a Japanese sounding rocket capable of delivering 20 kg to a height of 100 km. It is privately developed by Interstellar Technologies Inc. (IST).

The single stage Momo is powered by a pressure-fed engine fueled with ethanol and liquid oxygen. The engine is gimbaled for steering, with cold gas thrusters providing roll control. The rocket has a diameter of 0.502 m and a length of 9.9 m. The dry wight is 0.7 tons and the lift of weight is 1.0 tons.

The rocket is manufactured and launched at Taiki-cho, Hiroo-gun, Hokkaido.

The first rocket was launched on 30 July 2017, but the flight was terminated about 80 seconds after engine ignition.

The second flight was launched 29 June 2018. This time the engine cut off after two seconds and the vehicle fell back to the pad and exploded.

The third attempt on 3 May 2019 was successful and reached an altitude of 113 km.

Version Stage 1
Momo Momo
Nr  TypeNr  Vehicle     Serial      Date          LS        Suc    Payload  

 1     1    Momo v0     1           30.07.2017    Tai       *F     ?
 2     2    Momo v0     2           29.06.2018    Tai       *F     ?
 3     3    Momo v0     3           03.05.2019    Tai       *      ?
 4     4    Momo v0     4           27.07.2019    Tai       *F     Pater's Dream
 5     5    Momo v0     5           13.06.2020    Tai       *F     Poupelle of Chimney Town
 6     1    Momo v1     7           03.07.2021    Tai       *      ?


 x     x    Momo v?     6           xx.xx.2021    Tai       *      ?


1: Flight was terminated about 80 seconds after launch.
2: Launch failure after 2 seconds
4: early engine shutdown, reached 13 km altitude
5: failed ~1 min into the flight

Launch sites:

Tai = Taiki-cho, Hiroo-gun, Hokkaido, Japan Japan


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