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Miura-1 [PLD Space]

Miura-1 (formerly called Arion-1) is a reusable sounding rocket privately developed by PLD Space. It will carry a 100 kg payload to an apogee of 150 km.

Miura 1 is a 12.7-meter-long, 0.7-meter-diameter one-stage rocket powered by a single TEPREL-B engine. On a suborbital trajectory, the vehicle can carry a payload of up to 200 kg. The propulsion system includes actuators that tilt the engine to provide active thrust vector control.

For the maiden flight in October 2023, the apogee was reduced to 50 km for security reasons. It reached an altitude of 47 km.

Version Stage 1
Miura-1 Miura-1 / TEPREL-B
Nr  TypeNr  Vehicle               Serial    Date            LS     Payload     

 1     1    Miura-1               SN-1      07.10.2023  *   EA     (ZARM)


Launch sites:

EA  = Estacion de sondeos atmosfericos de El Arenosillo, Huelva, Spain Spain

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