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Minotaur-3/-4/-5/-6 (OSP-2 Peacekeeper SLV)

Minotaur-3 [OSC]
(artist impression)

Minotaur-4 (SBSS 1) [OSC]

Minotaur-5 (LADEE) [NASA]

Minotaur-6 [OSC]
(artist impression)

The most recent addition to Orbital's line of space launch vehicles, the Minotaur-4 (a.k.a. OSP-2 Peacekeeper SLV) combines elements of government-furnished decommissioned Peacekeeper missiles with technologies from our proven Pegasus, Taurus and OSP Minotaur boosters. The vehicle consists of three Peacekeeper solid rocket stages, a commercial Orion-38 or a Star-48BV fourth stage motor and subsystems derived from established space launch boosters. Under a 10-year contract with the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center, Orbital will develop and operate the low-cost Minotaur-4 vehicle to launch U.S. government-funded satellites into low-Earth orbit.

The Minotaur-4 incorporates a standard 92-inch fairing from the Taurus booster and supports dedicated or shared launch missions. Capable of boosting payloads more than 1,750 kg into orbit, the vehicle is compatible with multiple U.S. government and commercial launch sites. The Minotaur-4 is designed to provide 18-month mission response including payload integration and launch by Orbital's experienced launch crews.

The Minotaur-5 is a version of the Minotaur-4, which features an additional upper stage for high-energy orbits like geostationary transfer orbits or interplanetary trajectories.

The Minotaur-6 is a Minotaur-4+ stretched by another SR-118 first stage.

The Minotaur-3 suborbital launch vehicle provides the ability to deliver payloads up to 3000 kg on long range, suborbital trajectories for various U.S. Government-sponsored applications. It utilizes residual Peacekeeper solid rocket motors combined with Orbital's commercial launch vehicle technologies. The Minotaur III is designed to be adaptable to a variety of potential payloads. A mono-propellant hydrazine propulsion fourth stage called Super-HAPS provides precision trajectory control to support the high-accuracy delivery of target or reentry systems for technology demonstration. Multiple adapters and separation systems enable a variety of options for payloads.


→ complete list of all Peacekeeper / Castor-120 based rockets

Version Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6
Minotaur-3 TU-903 (SR-118) SR-119 SR-120 Super-HAPS / 12 × MR-107K - -
Minotaur-4-Lite TU-903 (SR-118) SR-119 SR-120 - - -
Minotaur-4 TU-903 (SR-118) SR-119 SR-120 Orion-38 - -
Minotaur-4 HAPS TU-903 (SR-118) SR-119 SR-120 Orion-38 HAPS / 3 × MR-107K -
Minotaur-4 Orion-38 TU-903 (SR-118) SR-119 SR-120 Orion-38 Orion-38 -
Minotaur-4+ TU-903 (SR-118) SR-119 SR-120 Star-48BV - -
Minotaur-4+ HAPS TU-903 (SR-118) SR-119 SR-120 Star-48BV HAPS / 3 × MR-107K -
Minotaur-5 (1) TU-903 (SR-118) SR-119 SR-120 Star-48BV Star-37FM -
Minotaur-5 (2) TU-903 (SR-118) SR-119 SR-120 Star-48BV Star-37FMV -
Minotaur-6 TU-903 (SR-118) TU-903 (SR-118) SR-119 SR-120 Star-48BV -
Minotaur-6+ TU-903 (SR-118) TU-903 (SR-118) SR-119 SR-120 Star-48BV Star-37FM
Performance (kg) LEO LPEO SSO GTO GEO MolO IP
Minotaur-4 1735 1170 - -
Minotaur-4 HAPS
Minotaur-4+ 1950 1430 - -
Minotaur-5 (1) 678 465
Minotaur-5 (2) 628 415
Minotaur-6 2350 2300
Minotaur-6+ 2350 2600 866
Nr          Vehicle                Date        LS       Sub Suc Payload

 1    1    Minotaur-4-Lite         22.04.2010  Va SLC-8  *      HTV 2a
 2    1    Minotaur-4              26.09.2010  Va SLC-8         SBSS 1 (USA 216) 
 3    1    Minotaur-4 HAPS         20.11.2010  Kd LP-1          STPSat 2 / FASTRAC 1 / FASTRAC 2 / FalconSat 5 / FASTSat-HSV 01 / RAX 1 / O/OREOS /
                                                                NanoSail-D2 / Ballast A / Ballast B
 4    2    Minotaur-4-Lite         11.08.2011  Va SLC-8  *      HTV 2b
 5    1    Minotaur-4+             27.09.2011  Kd LP-1          TacSat 4
 6    1    Minotaur-5 (1)          07.09.2013  WI LA-0B         LADEE
 7    1    Minotaur-4 Orion-38     26.08.2017  CC SLC-46        ORS 5 / DHFR / Prometheus 2.2 ? / Prometheus 2.4 ?
 8    2    Minotaur-4              15.07.2020  WI LA-0B         USA 305, ..., 308 (NROL 129)


      3    Minotaur-4-Lite         xx.xx.20xx  Va SLC-8  *      CSM
      x    Minotaur-4              xx.xx.2025  Va SLC-8         EWS-OD 1
      x    Minotaur-4              xx.03.2024  Va SLC-8         (NROL 174)
      x    Minotaur-4              xx.xx.20xx  ?                (ORS)
      x    Minotaur-4              xx.xx.20xx  ?                (ORS)
      x    Minotaur-4              xx.09.2024  ?                (STP-S29A)

Launch sites:

CC  = Spaceport Florida, Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA USA/ SLC-46 
Kd  = Kodiak Launch Complex, Kodiak Island, Narrow Cape, Alaska, USA USA/ LP-1
Va  = Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, USA USA/ SLC-8 (ex CLF)
WI  = Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS), Wallops Island, Virginia, USA USA/ LA-0B

Source: Orbital Sciences Corp. Website

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