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Mesquito [NASA]

The Mesquito was a 11.4 cm Dart propelled to 90 - 100 km with an US Army M26 Basic Multiple Launch System Rocket (MLRS) motor, and is intended for temporal and spatial measurements in the lower Mesosphere.

A high altitude parachute may be included, and a low cost telemetry system was also an option. Missions including multiple launches over a relatively short period of time were deemed feasible.

The non-instrumented Dart is estimated to have an interior available volume of 4621 cm2. With the NSROC avionics package the experiment volume is approximately 557 cm2.

The vehicle suffered from stabiliy issues and the development was shelved in 2009 after three test launches.

Vehicle Stage 1
Mesquito M26
Nr TypeNr  Vehicle              Date          LS        Suc  Payload

 1    1    Mesquito             06.05.2008    WI LA-2  *     NASA 12.066GT
 2    2    Mesquito             07.05.2008    WI LA-2  * F   NASA 12.065GT
 3    3    Mesquito             16.12.2009    WI LA-2  *     NASA 12.068GT

Launch sites:

WI  = Wallops Flight Facility, Wallops Island, Virginia, USA USA

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