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Meadowlark (Skylark-10A)

The Skylark-10A, later renamed Meadowlark, was a British sounding rocket, designed to carry 25 cm diameter payloads weighing 30 to 100 kg up to the 400 to 500 km layer.

The components of the first stage (Goldfinch-2A motor, fin unit, and interstage section), the interstage connection, the second stage (Gosling-IV-T motor and fin/flare unit), and the payload section are delineated. Nominal performance characteristics, flight environment and stability, and mass properties are outlined. The impact dispersion and trajectory parameters for the second stage are listed, the necessary launcher facilities are described, and the development potential of the rocket is assessed. It is noted that the payload capacity is suitable for geophysics experiments and that the rocket will be available for firings in 1976.

Vehicle Stage 1 Stage 2
Skylark-10A Goldfinch-IIA Heron
Skylark-10A (Meadowlark) Goldfinch-IIA Gosling-IV-T
Nr  TypeNr     Vehicle           Date        LS        Suc   Payload     

 1     1       Skylark-10A       10.10.1974  Wo LA2?  *      ?

Launch sites:

Wo  = Woomera Instrumented Range, Woomera, South Australia, Australia Australia


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