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The Lynx is a single-stage, unguided, fin stabilized rocket system which utilizes Lynx Mk.104 rocket motor for the propulsion. The Lynx Mk.104 motor, a surplus dual-thrust motor from the Standard SM-2MR Block II (RIM-66G-L) missile, has four modified Orion fins on the aft end arranged in a cruciform configuration to provide stability.

The Lynx is 35.6 cm in diameter and 2.794 m long. The Lynx fins are normally canted to provide for four revolutions per second spin rate at burnout.

The Lynx rocket is used as a target missile to simulare short range missiles.

The Lynx is also used as with a Terrier booster as Terrier Lynx.

Vehicle Stage 1
Lynx Lynx (Mk.104)
Nr  TypeNr   Vehicle                  Date             LS             Payload

xxx     x    Lynx                     06.04.2018  *    WS             FTX-35 Target
Launch sites:

WS  = White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, USA USA

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