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LEX (Lithergol Experimental) was a small hybrid fueled sounding rocket for meteorological measurements developed by O.N.E.R.A.

The MT.27 hybrid rocket motor provided a thrust of 10.000 N. It used Nylon-metatoluene-amine as fuel and mixture of nitric acid and nitrous tetroxide as oxidizer.

The first flight with reduced burning time was conducted on 25 April 1964 from Ile de Levante. Three full time firings were conducted in 1965. It saw only limited use with four more launches at the end of 1967.

Version Stage 1
Nr   TypeNr  Vehicle                 Serial                Date               LS                   Payload

 1      1    LEX                     01                    25.04.1964   *     IdL                  LEX-01
 2      2    LEX                     02/1                  xx.06.1965   *     IdL                  ?
 3      3    LEX                     02/2                  xx.06.1965   *     IdL                  ?
 4      4    LEX                     02/3                  xx.06.1965   *     IdL                  ?
 5      5    LEX                     02B/1                 xx.11.1967   *     IdL                  ?
 6      6    LEX                     02B/2                 xx.11.1967   *     IdL                  ?
 7      7    LEX                     02B/3                 xx.11.1967   *     IdL                  SECT Meteo
 8      8    LEX                     02B/4                 xx.11.1967   *     IdL                  SECT Meteo

Launch sites:

IdL = Centre d'Essais et de Recherches d'Engins Speciaux (CERES), Ile du Levant, Var, France France

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