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Kuaizhou-1 (KZ-1) / Fei Tian 1

Kuaizhou-1 [EXPACE]

Kuaizhou-1A [EXPACE]

The Kuaizhou-1 launcher, developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASIC), is a small, solid fueled launch vehicle, which is possibly based on the road mobile DF-21 IRBM with two additional upper stages.

The Kuaizhou-1 vehicle consits of three solid fueled stages and a fourth liquid fueled stage.

The vehicle is reportedly designed for quick-reaction launches and can reportedly place 400 kg into orbit. The payload of Kuaizhou-1 is integrated with the upper stage.

A commercial variant is offered under the designation Fei Tian 1 (FT-1). This one offers a separable payload. Another version, Kuaizhou-1A appears to be similar, also offering separable payloads. Possibly, these names refer both to the same version.

Version Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Kuaizhou-1 (KZ-1) ? ? ? ?
Kuaizhou-1A (KZ-1A) ? ? ? ?
Fei Tian-1 (FT-1) ? ? ? ?
Performance (kg) LEO LPEO SSO GTO GEO MolO IP
Kuaizhou-1 400 - - - -
Kuaizhou-1A 400 - - - -
Fei Tian 1 400 - - - -
No:   TNr:  Type:             Serial    Date          LS           Payload

 1     1    Kuaizhou-1T       .         17.03.2012 *  Jq SLS-E1    (R&D)
 2     1    Kuaizhou-1        .         25.09.2013    Jq SLS-E1    Kuaizhou 1
 3     2    Kuaizhou-1        .         21.11.2014    Jq SLS-E2    Kuaizhou 2 
 4     1    Kuaizhou-1A       Y1        09.01.2017    Jq SLS-E2    Jilin-1 Video-03 / Xingyun S1 / Kaidun 1
 5     2    Kuaizhou-1A       Y8        29.09.2018    Jq SLS-E2    CentiSpace-1 S1
 6     3    Kuaizhou-1A       Y10       30.08.2019    Jq SLS-E2    KX 09 / TY 1-07 (Xiaoxiang 1-07) 


 x     x    Kuaizhou-1A       Y11       xx.09.2019    Jq SLS-E2    ?
 x     x    Kuaizhou-1A       Y7        xx.09.2019    Jq SLS-E2    ?
 x     x    Kuaizhou-1A       Y9        xx.10.2019    Jq SLS-E2    Xingyun-2 01 / Xingyun-2 02
 x     x    Kuaizhou-1A       Y12       xx.11.2019    Jq SLS-E2    ?
 x     x    Kuaizhou-1A       Y2        xx.12.2019    Jq SLS-E2    Jilin-1 Video-09
 x     x    Kuaizhou-1A       Y3        xx.12.2019    Jq SLS-E2    Jilin-1 Video-10
 x     x    Kuaizhou-1A       Y4        xx.12.2019    Jq SLS-E2    Jilin-1 Video-11
 x     x    Kuaizhou-1A       Y5        xx.12.2019    Jq SLS-E2    Jilin-1 Video-12    

Launch sites:

Jq  = Jiuquan Space Center, Inner Mongolia, China China