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Khorramshahr MRBM

Khorramshahr MRBM [Mohammad Hassanzadeh]

The Iranian Khorramshahr is a medium range ballistic missile derived (or identical) to the North Korean Hwasong-10 (BM-25) MRBM missile, which was in turn based on the Soviet R-27 (SS-N-6, Sawfly) SLBM misslie.

Reportedly North Korea supplied Iran with 19 Hwasong-10 (BM-25) MRBM in . Its range is between 1000-2000 km with a 1800 kg warhead and is 13 m in length.

The maiden flight took possibl place in July 2016. The first acknowledged flight was in January 2017, which ended in the explosion of the reentry vehicle after a flight of 950 km. The missile was shown on parade in September 2017.

No:    TNo:     Type              Date             LS      Payload

 x      1       Khorramshahr      12.07.2016?  *   Sem     R&D
 x      2       Khorramshahr      29.01.2017  P*   Sem     R&D (warhead explodes in flight)

Planned launches:

Launch sites:

Sem = Semnan Satellite Launch Center, Semnan province, Iran Iran

*  = suborbital


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