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Kistler K1

Kistler K-1

Kistlers K-1 was to be the first completly reusable orbital launcher. The first stage (LAP) propulsion consisted of 2 AJ26-58 and one AJ26-59 engines (Kerosene / LOX), which are Russian NK-33 engines built for the N-1F project, refurbished an upgraded by Aerojet. After stage separation, the middle engine was to reignits to put the first stage on a return trajectory. The landing speed was to be reduced by parachutes and airbags. The second stage (OV) featured one AJ26-60 (reworked NK-43) as main propulsion and two Alcohol/LOX OMS engines for orbit insertion and deorbiting. After payload deployment, the OMS was to ignite to reenter the second stage, which also was to make a parachute and airbag assisted landing.

In 2006 Kistler together with partner Andrews Aerospace were select by NASA to provide three flights to develop a supply capability for the ISS. Initial flights were to be conducted from Woomera.

The NASA contract was cancelled in 200x and therefore no flights are planned.

Version Stage 1 Stage 2
K-1 LAP / 2 × AJ26-58 + AJ26-59 OV / AJ26-60 + 2 × OMS
No.  TypNo Type             Date          LS           Payload 


Launch sites:

Wo  = Woomera Instrumented Range, Woomera, South Australia, Australia Australia

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