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Jielong-1 (Smart Dragon-1, SD-1)

Jielong-1 (Qiancheng 01) [CASC]

Jielong-1 or Smart Dragon-1 (SD-1) is a small solid fuel orbital rocket designed by a subsidiary of the state-owned CASC group built for the commercial market.

The Jielong-1 rocket has 23 t takeoff mass and can put up to 150 kg into a 700 km sun-synchroneous orbit. It is a four-stage solid-fuel rocket with an 1.2 m diameter. The first three stages of common diameter are stacked in the usual way. Then there is the payload volume carrying the payload upside down. This is topped by the upside down fourth stage and an attitude control system under a jettisonable airodynamic fairing.

The maiden flight was successfully in August 2019. It has been claimed to have about 30 orders already.

Version Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Jielong-1 (Smart Dragon-1) ? ? ? ?
Performance (kg) LEO LPEO SSO GTO GEO MolO IP
Jielong-1 (Smart Dragon-1) 150 - - - -
No:         Type               Serial    Date          LS               Payload

 1      1   Jielong-1          Y1        17.08.2019    Jq LP-43/95B     Qiancheng 01 / Xingshidai 5 / Tianqi 2


 2      2   Jielong-1          Y2        xx.xx.2024    Jq LP-43/95B     Yizheng 2 / Yizheng 3
Launch sites:

Jq  = Jiuquan Space Center, Inner Mongolia, China China
We  = Wenchang Space Launch Center (WSLC), Hainan, China China

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